Series Introduction, Part 2: Cura Personalis & Formatio Personalis

We are launching the One Foundation Series with a few videos to get the conversation started. Live streamed events featuring faculty from each of the university’s colleges will begin in October. Here’s an overview of the topics we will address over the next several months:

  • October: Character Formation in Times of Difficulty
  • November: Christian Civility & Public Discourse
  • December: Kingdom Diversity, Part 1
  • January: Kingdom Diversity, Part 2
  • February: Justice in Biblical Perspective, Part 1
  • March: Justice in Biblical Perspective, Part 2

Before we get into the live events, please view the video to learn about a couple of guiding principles for the year to come. They are not necessarily new to GCU but they should be exceptionally helpful as we navigate the challenges we are facing in this particular academic year. One more video will complete this short, introductory series. Look for it in about a week!

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