Alumni Spotlight – Noah Wolfe

Did you know that the new Director of Alumni Relations and Engagement for GCU graduated from the College of Theology! As we developed our newsletter for the Spring of 2021, we decided to catch up with him and gather some details regarding his current pursuits! Check out his responses below:

Give us an update! What are you currently involved in/ pursuing?

I am currently the Director of Alumni Relations and Engagement at Grand Canyon University. I am directly responsible for building relationships with nearly 200,000 alumni through connection engagement and opportunities to give back. I enjoy having the opportunity to serve my alma matter through the role that I am in and I love the opportunity h to still interact with College of Theology faculty and staff.

What do you think is important about the theme of the COT newsletter for the Spring of 2021 (Moving Forward)?

There are a lot of ways that this country, the church and our GCU community can be focused on moving forward with the Christ centered mentality. As a University there are so many unique opportunities for all of us to respond for the unpredictable realities the future holds. as we begin to build new alumni services and programming all of us are beyond excited to directly engage with students, staff, faculty and alumni in strategic ways that focus on advancing the kingdom.

So, which courses and/or instructors did you really enjoy at GCU?

  • Dr. Joshua Greever

Old Testament Survey / New Testament Survey

Dr. Greever was the first professor and last professor that I had at GCU. His teachings surveyed the entirety of scripture and provided a strong comprehensive view of how the whole story of the Gospel ties in to every aspect of the text.

  • Dr. Mark Kreitzer

Christianity in a Global Context

Dr. Kreitzer provided me with a strong comprehensive understanding of healthy perspectives on cultural Christianity. His work has been critical in shaping my worldview.

  • Dr. Dwayne Pedroza

Christian Character Formation

Dwayne played a major role in my student experience. The joy he expressed in interacting with students combined with his ministerial experience and accessibility allowed me to grow in my knowledge of spiritual disciplines.

If you could give one piece of advice to a student, what would it be, and why?

Become holistically involved. The opportunity of pursuing higher education extends beyond the academic front into the categories of personal growth, relationship and professional development. Becoming comfortable with the pursuit of these things alongside a strong academic commitment will ultimately lead to tremendous success.

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