Kingdom Diversity, Part 2

The One Foundation Dialogue Series resumed today with a panel discussion of “Kingdom Diversity.” This session continued the previous discussion about the biblical vision for diversity within God’s Kingdom. Dialogue within this session will explored practical ways that Christ followers can begin to live into the reality that Jesus Christ has broken down the “wall of hostility” (Eph. 2:14) in order to create for himself a new community by faith made up of people from all nations, tribes, and languages (Rev. 7:9).

Future events will be streamed live throughout the remainder of the academic year. This year’s theme is “Kingdom Treasures.” During each session, we will focus on discovering the unique worldview resources available within Christianity for a life of faith, hope, and love during a time that is marked by a global pandemic, political conflict, racial tension, and intense human suffering.

Each event will begin at 12:00 pm and can be found via the One Foundation Resources tab on We are excited to welcome you for this series!


Jason Hiles

Dean, College of Theology

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