Canyon Worship Live – Exclusive Interview With Trina Beecher

The College of Theology seeks to encourage spiritual development amongst our students and modern scholars. In doing so, students are enabled to pursue and provide a strong illustration of God’s purpose for others. For quite some time, the Canyon Worship Live experience has provided this opportunity.

An interview conducted with one of the participants, Trina Beecher (Center for Worship Arts Student), prompted the understanding of opportunities that become available through the pursuit of God’s purpose.

As a transfer student, Trina Beecher was originally planning to pursue a degree in Christian Studies. However, the guidance and wisdom of those in her life led to the pursuit of a program within the Center for Worship Arts. Following God’s direction has resulted in a positive influence on Trina’s experience at GCU (GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY). She shares, “One of the best decisions I made… I have been blessed by the most uplifting and joyful community around me. I have been involved with student-led worship nights, the Grand Collective, GCU’s worship team, and a songwriter’s club.” The impact of seeking God’s purpose in her life has led her to pursue new bounds in ministry and she intends to pursue full-time ministry. In her words, “I can already see glimpses and opportunities… but I want to keep serving the Lord and continue to serve those around me by going wherever and doing whatever He asks of me.” We are certainly empowered by her experience as we consider her faithful commitment to God’s purpose.

We asked Trina to share a bit more about her experience at GCU. She noted, “I really enjoyed my songwriting class and the ones that were created for students planning to enter the ministry. I have learned a lot about music, including how important it is to have your heart in the right place to serve the Lord with all that you do. Even after this experience, my heart cries out for the Lord to continue receiving the glory and for people to fix their gaze solely on Him when they hear each song.” This led us to consider the example Trina provides as she collaborates with her peers for the Canyon Worship Live experience. The experience can be daunting for some, and what it means to prepare and share one’s musical talents is different for everyone. However, Trina shared, “The Canyon Worship Live experience has been wonderful. Writing songs for the Lord with friends has been such a delight, and it is amazing to see how this experience has brought people together and has given opportunities for students to utilize their gifts. I am proud and thankful for my friends and the people that took the time to beautifully craft each song.”

In conclusion, Trina shared one piece of advice for students who are seeking to join the Canyon Worship Live experience. In her words, “You do not have to be perfect or have the best song ever written to get recognized. Come with a desire to share with others the joy and beauty of knowing Jesus, and He will take care of the rest. Do not strive for fame or success; instead, simply show up with a heart ready to just share a new song that the Lord has placed on your lips. Do not be afraid to collaborate with others and be willing to learn and grow past what you already know musically.”

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