Student Spotlight – Rebecca Probst

The College of Theology at GCU is embracing its commitment to helping students share the truth of God throughout their education; this is reflected by a student named Becky (Rebecca) Probst. Recently, we were able to catch up with Becky and ask some questions about her life, her time as a GCU student, and her future career goals. See her responses below:

Tell us about yourself! What are you currently involved in, some of your favorite hobbies, and what are your future career goals?

I grew up in the mountains of Bailey, Colorado with my 11 siblings. When I was 16 my Dad became a pastor of my local church, which greatly inspired me to pursue a life of vocational ministry. After a year attending GCU, I got the opportunity to transfer into the Barnabas Pastoral Program, where I now get to enter into my seminary portion this upcoming fall semester. The dream for me is to be bi-vocational as a Bible professor and a pastor in a local church. I have an adorable pet pug named Grogu and I love adventure—hiking, rock climbing and rappelling. Throughout my time at GCU I have been able to be part of the Modern Board Gamer’s Guild—a club where I can just have fun and build meaningful friendships. God has truly blessed me beyond what I could imagine, and I long to be able to share this love with everyone I meet.

What do you think is important about the theme of this newsletter (Anchor’s Away)?

In the Bible, when Jesus is walking on the water and Peter steps out to come to him, it is when Peter takes his gaze off of Jesus and is distracted by the raging storm around him that he begins to sink. It can be really easy for us to lose sight of where we ought to be looking and focus on the chaos around us. This world has trouble, but the one that we should be looking to has overcome that. We cannot be so afraid of the troubles of this world that we begin to sink into our own despair, nor can we remain apathetically stagnant and refuse to step out of the boat. We have a call to be image bearers of God and carry our crosses after Christ; we cannot refuse to leave the dock. When the storms rage, our focus should not be on the storm, but on the one who has command over it.

What are some of your favorite courses and/or which instructors do you really enjoy at GCU?

My favorite classes have mostly been the ones centered on reading the Bible. I absolutely loved my Hebrew Prophets class and my Biblical Hermeneutics class both taught by Dr. Diffey. I also have really loved the theology classes I have taken—my favorite being Theology 1 taught by Dr. Brandt. Every professor I have had in the COT program has been outstanding, both in instruction and in discipleship.

If you could give one piece of advice to a student, what would it be, and why?

My one piece of advice is that you truly find a love of learning. I think often times people go to school as a means to an end—the only purpose is to get a degree, so you never have to come back to school again. Learning ought to be a life-long endeavor. It should be something that inspires you to be eagerly attending classes and enthusiastically completing assignments to the best of your ability. Never just do an assignment to get it done, rather, aim to truly learn from what you or doing. Don’t seek to apathetically skip classes, but desire to ask questions and challenge yourself. Be genuinely captivated by a love of learning.

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