TheologyCommons.org is a virtual companion to the Theology Commons space located within the College of Theology building on GCU’s main campus.

Theology Commons and this virtual companion site serve as a shared space for reasoned dialogue about God, humanity, and our purpose in the world we share; a place for thoughtful conversation, questions, answers, encouragement, and prayer with faculty. As a repository of resources for students of Bible, theology, and the Christian worldview, Theology Commons and TheologyCommons.org represent important spaces for academic, spiritual, and ministerial discipleship at Grand Canyon University and the College of Theology.

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College of Theology Staff – Christmas 2019


The vision for this site is to support the university’s commitment to carry out its mission in ways that are marked by compassion, justice and concern for the common good.

TheologyCommons.org does so by providing content that supports students in finding their purpose in Christ while emphasizing biblical values and ethics within various academic disciplines and the workplace.

All resources on the site are offered freely to help students understand worldviews and the significance of the Christian worldview for understanding God, the world He created, and our purpose within it.

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