Student Spotlight – Rebecca Probst

The College of Theology at GCU is embracing its commitment to helping students share the truth of God throughout their education; this is reflected by a student named Becky (Rebecca) Probst. Recently, we were able to catch up with Becky and ask some questions about her life, her time as a GCU student, and herContinue reading “Student Spotlight – Rebecca Probst”

Canyon Worship Live – Exclusive Interview With Trina Beecher

The College of Theology seeks to encourage spiritual development amongst our students and modern scholars. In doing so, students are enabled to pursue and provide a strong illustration of God’s purpose for others. For quite some time, the Canyon Worship Live experience has provided this opportunity. An interview conducted with one of the participants, TrinaContinue reading “Canyon Worship Live – Exclusive Interview With Trina Beecher”

Alumni Spotlight – Casey Thorpe

As the Director of Athletics at Paradise Valley Christian Prep (Phoenix, AZ), Casey Thorpe is leading an initiative to build a firm foundation of Christlike values that will captivate the hearts of student athletes. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Casey and ask a few questions for our newsletter. See his responsesContinue reading “Alumni Spotlight – Casey Thorpe”

Alumni Spotlight – Noah Wolfe

Did you know that the new Director of Alumni Relations and Engagement for GCU graduated from the College of Theology! As we developed our newsletter for the Spring of 2021, we decided to catch up with him and gather some details regarding his current pursuits! Check out his responses below: Give us an update! WhatContinue reading “Alumni Spotlight – Noah Wolfe”

Student Spotlight – Austin Rockwell

Recently, we were able to catch up with a current student named Austin Rockwell. We asked him about his time at GCU and all that he has done. Here’s what he shared: Tell us about yourself! What are you currently involved in, some of your favorite hobbies, and what are your future career goals? MyContinue reading “Student Spotlight – Austin Rockwell”