Theology Thursday: Substitution

By Justin McLendon, PhDCollege of Theology March 12, 2020 “And Abraham went and took the ram and offered it up as a burnt offering instead of his son” (Genesis 22:13). These vivid words arrest our attention as we sit on the edge of our seats and think through what is happening between this father, AbrahamContinue reading “Theology Thursday: Substitution”

Spiritual Growth Challenge: Prioritizing Meaningful Relationships

By Shelly Hogan, D. MinCollege of Theology July 18, 2019 From the start of the human race it has been evident that authentic and meaningful relationships are essential. In fact, one of the first recorded words from God on the subject, “It is not good that the man should be alone” (Genesis 2:18), remind usContinue reading “Spiritual Growth Challenge: Prioritizing Meaningful Relationships”

Spiritual Growth Challenge: Seeking and Becoming a Mentor

By Andrew Mooney, ABDCollege of Theology June 27, 2019 This author’s philosophy of seeking and becoming a mentor derives from three basic modalities: First, intentionally embracing all people, no matter what race, status or faith background. Second, offering encouragement, in some way, to everyone that crosses the one’s path. Finally, equipping individuals with the toolsContinue reading “Spiritual Growth Challenge: Seeking and Becoming a Mentor”

Spiritual Growth Challenge: Spiritual Warfare

By Mark Kreitzer, PhDCollege of Theology June 20, 2019 Spiritual formation can be described as growth from spiritual infancy to mentorship. The Apostle John sets out three stages of spiritual growth in 1 John 2. He indicates that a person enters the first stage of growth when he or she becomes a baby Christian byContinue reading “Spiritual Growth Challenge: Spiritual Warfare”

Spiritual Growth Challenge: Spiritual Dryness

By Andy McClurg, PhDCollege of Theology June 13, 2019 Does your love for God sometimes seem like it is like a feeble flame, ready to be blown out by the next strong wind? Do the spiritual disciplines seem at times to be drudgery? Does it sometimes seem as if your prayers are getting no higherContinue reading “Spiritual Growth Challenge: Spiritual Dryness”

Toward a Christian Maturity: The Importance of Reading the Bible

By Daniel Diffey, PhDCollege of Theology May 23, 2019 Why do you read the Bible? Or maybe I should ask the question, why do you not read the Bible? As someone who teaches the Bible in both the context of the university and the church it is clear that many Christians do not take readingContinue reading “Toward a Christian Maturity: The Importance of Reading the Bible”

Spiritual Growth Challenge: 3 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Life of Prayer

By Todd Forrest, MACollege of Theology May 16, 2019Prayer. As we look at our initial Spiritual Growth Challenge, it brings an immediate reaction to each of us. How can something so simple have volumes of books written about it, yet its effectiveness and consistent use in our lives, seem to elude us? We can pointContinue reading “Spiritual Growth Challenge: 3 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Life of Prayer”

Theology Thursday: How To Live for Christ

By Daniel Diffey, PhDCollege of Theology January 31, 2019 In the Gospels, Jesus called his disciples to live for him, to die to themselves, and to be radically different than the world around them. This can be seen in places like Mark 8:34 where Jesus says, “If anyone would come after me, let him denyContinue reading “Theology Thursday: How To Live for Christ”

Theology Thursday: Using Apologetics

By Numa Gomez, MDivCollege of Theology January 17, 2019 Many believe that Apologetics is a waste of time because no one has ever made a decision to follow Christ because of Apologetics. As one who teaches Worldview and Apologetics, I do agree that not many have been converted through apologetics, I would also argue thatContinue reading “Theology Thursday: Using Apologetics”