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Chapter AudiobookChapter ResourcesTeaching Plan
A Starting Point for Wisdom
1: Seeking Wisdom
2: Evaluating Wisely
3: Wisdom in the Beginning
4: Departure from Wisdom
5: The Wisdom and Mercy of God
6: The Wisdom and Power of God
7: The Wisdom of Absolutes
8: Obstacles to Wisdom
9: Emotional Obstacles to Wisdom
10: Practical Wisdom
11: Developing Personal Wisdom
Conclusion: The Call of Wisdom
ChapterAudiobookChapter ResourcesTeaching Plan
Introduction: Walking in Wisdom
1: The Way of Life and Peace
2: Identity Formation and Community in Christ
3: Christ’s Vision for a Human Life
4: Christ’s Values in Your Life
5: Christ’s Values in Your Academic Discipline
6: Christ’s Values in Your Vocation
7: Living an Integrated Christian Life
Conclusion: Abiding in Jesus


Introduction to CWV
Jesus Christ

Rescue, Redemption, and Renewal
The Christian Life
The Fall
The Kingdom of God

The Beginning of Wisdom and Walking in Wisdom were written by GCU’s College of Theology faculty as resources for the thousands of students who take Christian worldview courses at the university each year. These books provide foundational understandings of the Christian worldview that help students find their unique purpose in Christ as they grow and develop throughout their time at GCU.